Top 10 ConstructionTech Startups in India

India’s construction technology (ConTech) landscape is rapidly evolving, driven by startups leveraging innovative solutions to address challenges in efficiency, cost management, safety, and sustainability. Here’s an in-depth look at the top 10 ConstructionTech startups that are transforming the construction sector in India:

1. Infra.Market

Infra.Market is a B2B marketplace that revolutionizes the procurement process for the construction industry. By connecting manufacturers directly with contractors, it streamlines the supply chain and offers a diverse range of construction materials at standardized prices.

Key Features:

  • Bulk purchasing with competitive pricing.
  • Quality assurance and standardized supply.
  • Comprehensive supply chain management.
FoundersSouvik Sengupta, Aaditya Sharda
Funding$350 million
Key InvestorsTiger Global, Accel, Nexus Venture Partners
Target MarketConstruction companies, Contractors
Infra.Market-Top 10 ConstructionTech Startups in India

Infra.Market has simplified and optimized the procurement process for the construction industry, reducing costs and improving efficiency. Its marketplace model connects manufacturers with contractors, ensuring quality materials and standardized pricing, thereby transforming how construction projects source their supplies.

2. Brick&Bolt

Brick&Bolt is a managed marketplace that connects customers with vetted and reliable contractors, offering comprehensive construction services from design to delivery. It ensures project completion within stipulated timelines and budgets through its transparent, tech-driven approach.

Key Features:

  • End-to-end construction services.
  • Fixed pricing model with guaranteed timelines.
  • Real-time project tracking via a mobile app.
FoundersJayesh Rajpurohit, Arpit Rajpurohit
Funding$10 million
Key InvestorsSequoia Capital India, Accel Partners
Target MarketHomeowners, Real estate developers
Brick&Bolt-Top 10 ConstructionTech Startups in India

Brick&Bolt brings reliability and transparency to the home construction process. By providing a managed marketplace with fixed pricing and real-time updates, it ensures that projects are completed efficiently and meet customer expectations.

3. Powerplay

Powerplay is a mobile-first application designed to streamline construction project management. It facilitates effective communication and collaboration among project stakeholders, helping to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Key Features:

  • Project planning and scheduling tools.
  • Real-time communication and task management.
  • Automated reports and analytics.
FoundersIesh Dixit, Shubham Goyal
Funding$15 million
Key InvestorsAccel Partners, Surge (Sequoia Capital’s Scale-Up Program)
Target MarketConstruction managers, Contractors
Powerplay-Top 10 ConstructionTech Startups in India

Powerplay enhances construction project management through its intuitive mobile platform. By providing tools for planning, scheduling, and real-time communication, it reduces project delays and helps maintain budget control.

4. SmartVizX (Trezi)

SmartVizX’s Trezi is a Virtual Reality (VR) platform that allows architects, designers, and clients to visualize and modify building designs in an immersive environment before construction begins. This facilitates better communication and reduces errors.

Key Features:

  • VR-based immersive design reviews.
  • Real-time collaboration and feedback.
  • Integration with design tools like Revit and SketchUp.
FoundersTithi Gaur, Gautam Tewari
Funding$5 million
Key InvestorsYourNest, IAN Fund, Rockstud Capital
Target MarketArchitects, Interior designers, Real estate developers
SmartVizX (Trezi)-Top 10 ConstructionTech Startups in India

SmartVizX’s Trezi enhances design visualization in construction, allowing for immersive VR-based reviews that facilitate better collaboration and fewer design errors. This technology significantly improves client satisfaction and project outcomes.

5. BuildNext

BuildNext offers a tech-driven platform that provides comprehensive construction services. Through its VR solutions and Building Products Superstores, it enables customers to visualize their projects and access detailed cost estimates and procurement services.

Key Features:

  • VR-based home walkthroughs.
  • Detailed project costing and procurement.
  • End-to-end project management.
FoundersGopi Krishnan, Ibin Varghese
Funding$3.5 million
Key InvestorsAnna Whitlam, Kavi Arora, Samba Natarajan
Target MarketHomebuilders, Contractors
BuildNext-Top 10 ConstructionTech Startups in India

BuildNext transforms the home construction experience by offering VR walkthroughs and comprehensive project management services. It ensures transparency in costs and project timelines, providing homeowners with a clear understanding of their construction projects.

6. ProjectHero

ProjectHero is a digital platform aimed at connecting blue-collar workers in the construction sector with contractors and project managers. It provides job opportunities, skill development resources, and a digital employment record for the workforce.

Key Features:

  • Job matching and recruitment services.
  • Training and upskilling for construction workers.
  • Digital records of employment history and skills.
FoundersMayank Chauhan, Vipul Agrawal
Funding$3 million
Key InvestorsOmidyar Network India, Anicut Angel Fund
Target MarketConstruction workers, Contractors
ProjectHero-Top 10 ConstructionTech Startups in India

ProjectHero empowers the construction workforce by providing better job opportunities and access to skill development programs. It also assists contractors in finding skilled labor, addressing a critical need in the construction industry.

7. Tracecost

Tracecost is a cloud-based platform designed for real-time construction cost management. It helps contractors and project managers to monitor expenses, budgets, and project progress, enhancing financial oversight and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive cost tracking and budgeting.
  • Real-time project updates and analytics.
  • Integration with project management tools.
FoundersZuber Hussain
Funding$1 million
Key InvestorsIncubate Fund, Beenos Partners
Target MarketContractors, Project managers
Tracecost-Top 10 ConstructionTech Startups in India

Tracecost offers robust tools for managing construction project costs, ensuring better financial control and project outcomes. Its real-time analytics and integration capabilities make it a valuable asset for contractors and project managers.

8. Onsite

Onsite is an app tailored for managing on-site construction teams and projects. It simplifies the tracking of attendance, task assignments, and job progress, facilitating better management of construction labor and operations.

Key Features:

  • Attendance and payroll management.
  • Real-time job tracking and reporting.
  • Task delegation and team communication.
FoundersMayank Kale, Tanuj Khosla
Funding$2 million
Key InvestorsSurge (Sequoia Capital’s Scale-Up Program), AngelList
Target MarketSmall and medium contractors, Site managers
Onsite-Top 10 ConstructionTech Startups in India

Onsite enhances operational efficiency on construction sites by providing an intuitive platform for managing labor and project tasks. It helps contractors streamline their workflows and improve overall project management.

9. Wigzo Tech

Wigzo Tech provides AI-powered tools designed to optimize construction project management. It focuses on improving communication, safety, and operational efficiency through advanced data analytics and automation technologies.

Key Features:

  • AI-driven project planning and risk management.
  • Automated task scheduling and resource allocation.
  • Advanced communication and collaboration tools.
FoundersUmair Mohammad
HeadquartersNew Delhi
Funding$1.5 million
Key InvestorsCarlsberg, Springforth Capital
Target MarketLarge construction firms, Contractors
Wigzo-Top 10 ConstructionTech Startups in India

Wigzo Tech leverages AI and data analytics to enhance the management and efficiency of construction projects. Its automated tools help streamline operations, reduce risks, and ensure projects are delivered on time.

10. Wehouse

Wehouse provides an integrated platform that simplifies the home construction process. It offers a range of services from design to execution, with a focus on quality and cost-effectiveness. Dedicated project managers ensure smooth project execution and customer satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • Full-service home building solutions.
  • Transparent pricing and detailed project tracking.
  • Dedicated project management.
FoundersVasant Kamath, Mahesh Mulki
Funding$1 million
Key InvestorsPrime Venture Partners
Target MarketHomeowners, Real estate developers
Wehouse-Top 10 ConstructionTech Startups in India

Wehouse simplifies the home construction process by offering end-to-end services and transparent pricing. Its comprehensive approach ensures high-quality projects and customer satisfaction from start to finish.

FAQs(Top 10 ConstructionTech Startups in India)

1. What is ConstructionTech?

ConstructionTech refers to the use of technology to enhance processes, efficiency, and outcomes in the construction industry. This can include software for project management, tools for cost estimation, platforms for procurement, and innovations in building materials and techniques.

2. Why are ConstructionTech startups important in India?

ConstructionTech startups are crucial in India because they address significant challenges in the construction sector, such as inefficiency, high costs, and project delays. By leveraging technology, these startups help improve productivity, transparency, and sustainability, which are essential for India’s rapidly growing infrastructure needs.

3. How do startups like Infra.Market benefit the construction industry?

Infra.Market benefits the construction industry by streamlining the procurement process. It connects contractors directly with manufacturers, ensuring a reliable supply of quality materials at standardized prices. This reduces costs and simplifies the supply chain, making project execution more efficient.

4. What makes Brick&Bolt unique among construction service providers?

Brick&Bolt stands out due to its managed marketplace model, which offers end-to-end construction services from design to delivery. Its fixed pricing and guaranteed project timelines bring transparency and reliability, making it easier for customers to manage and trust the construction process.

5. How does Powerplay improve construction project management?

Powerplay improves construction project management by providing a mobile-first platform that simplifies planning, scheduling, and real-time communication among project stakeholders. It helps keep projects on track and within budget through efficient task management and automated reporting.

6. What role does VR play in SmartVizX’s (Trezi) platform?

VR is central to SmartVizX’s Trezi platform, allowing users to experience and modify building designs in an immersive virtual environment. This enhances communication between architects, designers, and clients, reduces design errors, and ensures projects meet client expectations before construction begins.

7. How does BuildNext’s VR technology benefit homeowners?

BuildNext’s VR technology benefits homeowners by providing immersive walkthroughs of their homes before construction starts. This allows clients to visualize the final outcome, make design adjustments, and have a clear understanding of the project’s scope and costs, leading to more informed decisions and satisfaction.

8. What services does ProjectHero offer to construction workers?

ProjectHero offers job matching and recruitment services for construction workers, connecting them with contractors and project managers. It also provides training and upskilling programs to enhance their skills and digital records to maintain their employment history and qualifications.

9. In what ways does Tracecost help manage construction costs?

Tracecost helps manage construction costs by offering tools for comprehensive cost tracking and budgeting. It provides real-time updates on expenses and project progress, integrates with existing project management tools, and uses analytics to give insights into financial performance, helping to keep projects within budget.

10. What are the main features of Onsite for managing construction projects?

Onsite simplifies construction project management with features like attendance and payroll tracking, real-time job progress updates, and efficient task delegation. It helps contractors manage their on-site teams and operations more effectively, reducing administrative burdens and improving project outcomes.

11. How does Wigzo Tech use AI in construction management?

Wigzo Tech uses AI to optimize various aspects of construction management, including project planning, risk management, and resource allocation. Its AI-powered tools analyze data to provide insights for better decision-making, automate scheduling, and enhance communication, improving overall project efficiency.

12. What solutions does Wehouse provide for homeowners?

Wehouse offers integrated solutions for homeowners, covering the entire construction process from design to execution. It provides transparent pricing, detailed project tracking, and dedicated project management, ensuring high-quality, cost-effective, and well-managed home construction projects.

13. How do these startups contribute to sustainability in construction?

Many of these startups contribute to sustainability by optimizing resource usage, reducing waste, and promoting efficient project management. For example, platforms like Infra.Market streamline supply chains to minimize excess material use, and VR tools like Trezi help prevent design mistakes and rework, which saves resources and reduces environmental impact.

14. What impact have these ConstructionTech startups had on the traditional construction industry in India?

These ConstructionTech startups have significantly impacted the traditional construction industry by introducing advanced technology and innovative solutions. They have improved project efficiency, transparency, and cost management, leading to higher standards and competitiveness in the industry. Traditional methods are being complemented or replaced by more efficient, tech-driven approaches.

15. Are these ConstructionTech solutions scalable for large infrastructure projects?

Yes, many of these ConstructionTech solutions are scalable and suitable for large infrastructure projects. Platforms like Infra.Market and Powerplay are designed to handle extensive procurement and project management needs, while tools like Trezi and Tracecost provide valuable insights and efficiencies that are beneficial for large-scale operations.

Conclusion(Top 10 ConstructionTech Startups in India)

These top 10 ConstructionTech startups are at the forefront of revolutionizing India’s construction industry. From simplifying procurement processes with Infra.Market to enhancing on-site management with Onsite, these companies are driving significant improvements in efficiency, cost management, and project delivery. They are addressing critical challenges in the industry and paving the way for a more innovative and efficient construction landscape in India.

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